Wedding Videographer Elora Braden smiling headshot.

It’s your girl Elora!

In high school I was voted most likely to be a hopeless romantic who will film weddings and elopements for amazing people in epic places.

Alright maybe I wasn’t voted for that, but I have ended up following my passion for storytelling, art and travel in this dream life of being a wedding filmmaker and lifelong friend to my couples.

When I’m not filming or editing, you are most likely to find me sipping craft beer at a local brewery after a solid day of hiking, mountain biking, skiing or walking my dog Willow. I live in Golden, British Columbia where I can access those amazing locations my favourite kind of people come to tie the knot.

I’m so down for big laughs, emotional moments and making sure your film is unique to your journey to this day.

this is my work: