Canadian and Destination Wedding Videographer based in Golden, British Columbia. Elora's specialty is capturing and crafting films for wild hearts in love.

get to know me

we are going to have an amazing time together!

From the time you book with me, you can be sure that I will make everything about hiring a wedding videographer a piece of cake.

it’s not rocket science.

It’s some simple discussions that help me get to know your story, and it’s creating the memory that I know will mean most to YOU!

I’ll be here to give you ideas, answer ALL your questions about wedding videography, and to make sure that on your wedding day, your only ‘to do’ is to just enjoy it!


I’m all about adventure!

love is life’s greatest adventure.

When I’m not capturing amazing love stories, you can likely find me somewhere like this.

I learned my craft by filming out of the doors of a helicopters, editing by candlelight in backcountry lodges and hiking for hours to set up the perfect shot. I live, play and work in the Canadian Rockies and bring that spirit of adventure to all of my couples.