Canadian and Destination Wedding Videographer based in Golden, British Columbia. Elora's specialty is capturing and crafting films for wild hearts in love.

behind the lens,

meet your filmmaker Elora

Why wild hearts?

Because that’s what I relate to, connect to, am drawn to, and get truly excited by as a filmmaker.  It’s with wild hearts that I think every great love story should start and end. It’s with a wild heart edge that I like to live my life, and I get such a personal kick, and creative satisfaction, from working with like-minded couples who have a thirst for adventure, exploring new roads, feeling the wind in their hair, and making the very most of days together. 

In high school I was voted most likely to follow my (hard-to-hide) romantic side and go on to shoot weddings and elopements (alright, maybe I wasn’t voted for that exactly, but ask anyone that has spent time with me and it’s clear to see why I’m here, having chosen a career in wedding filmography). I guess this was always exactly what I was supposed to do.  Art, travel, and the mountains are my absolute passions, so the privilege of being able to combine all three in my work with couples is truly a dream come true.  

And for me, this is so much more than a career; at the risk of sounding cliché, it’s a calling. I take the documentation of matrimony, and all its wonderful, sacred, emotional, happy, fun, humorous, and sometimes dramatic moments, as an absolute privilege.  The union of marriage is one of the most precious of life’s occasions, and a relationship with your filmmaker is important. Hey, we have to get this just right

I get to know my couple subjects personally (we’re back to the personal again, but it really does make for a beautifully tailored narrative of your day), many of which become life-long friends through the filming + editing process.  Planning together over a cup of coffee is how I like to work; you’ll get to know me, and most important, I’ll get to know the two of you. You need to feel that from the minute you wake up on the day of “I do”, you’ll feel completely relaxed in front of my camera; it’ll almost feel like I’m blended into the background – until you see the footage; that’s when the film of your love story transpires.  


I’m all about adventure!

When I’m not filming or editing, you’ll typically find me sipping craft beer at a local brewery after a day of adrenalin and soaking up the alpine goodness of my rugged Rocky Mountain home of Golden, B.C. These are the happiest days for me, whether filled with hiking, mountain biking, skiing or walking my dog Willow – belly laughs on top of any of these are just an added bonus.  Being at one and so very content in the mountains also has its professional perks, with so many of my couples attracted to tie the knot somewhere close by, in one of the Rockies’ endless picture-perfect locations. 

Seriously, as a wild hearted filmmaker living in the mountains, does it get any better than that?

I can’t wait to meet you.